Hello friend! First of all, welcome to my blog. My name is Demetrius Dinh, or you can call me Demi. Ioala is a natural language created by me. I was inspired by Esperanto to create this language.

Ioala is a neutral language. This is because it does not belong to any nation, any country, or any religion. In this neutral condition, people from different countries, races, and religions can communicate equally and reciprocally. When using Ioala, from a linguistic point of view, it feels more equal than speaking in English with native speakers of English.

Ioala is a simple language. In Ioala, the grammatical case will be greatly reduced and words will vary regularly according to word class. Everyone can express the most accurate meaning with the least amount of words. Due to its structure, Ioala is easier to learn and easier to use than any other foreign language.

Ioala is a living language, and like any language, it is a living, evolving language through which to express all kinds of human thoughts and feelings.

Ioala is an equal language. In the way we communicate, every learner has an equal opportunity to question and correct grammatical irregularities. Everyone who learns Ioala has the opportunity to reach a high level of proficiency and to communicate with others from a linguistic point of view on the same basis, regardless of their linguistic origin.

Finally, I want to thank you for reading this carefully. If you are interested in this project, please go to GitHub and click a Star and a Watch for me. if you have any doubts about my article, please feel free to go to the Issue page of this project and give your insights.

Thank you so much.

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