In this post we will learn the letters of Ioala, and their pronunciation.

Ioala has 24 letters. Each letter has a independent pronunciation as a letter and a pronunciation in words (Except i, s and x). In order to facilitate pronunciation, the pronunciation of all letters will be marked with International Phonetic Alphabet.

Below is a table about letter case, independent pronunciation and pronunciation in words.

letter case independent pronunciation pronunciation in words
Aa [eɪ] [ɑ]
Bb [beɪ] [b]
Cc [zɪ] [z]
Çç [sægiː] [ʧ]
Dd [dætɑ] [d]
Ee [iː] [e]
Ff [fə] [f]
Gg [gʊ] [g]
Hh [hʊ] [h]
Ii [aɪ] [ɪ] [iː]
Kk [ɡɑ] [k]
Ll [el] [l]
Mm [æmiː] [m]
Nn [en] [n]
Oo [əʊ] [ɒ]
Pp [pj] [p]
Qq 🔊[kʉː] 🔊[ʉː]
Rr 🔊[eɹe] [ɹ]
Ss [es] [θ] [ʃ]
Tt [tɒ] [tɒ]
Uu [juː] [ʊ]
Vv [veː] [vɪ]
Xx [ægjs] [θ] [ks]
Zz 🔊[sɛ̂ːta] [ʤ]

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