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Good morning. We’re covering Beijing’s scramble to quash the Omicron variant, Germany’s pivot to supplying Ukraine with heavy weaponry and a brownface controversy roiling Hong Kong.


Beijing officials said samples for coronavirus testing had been gathered from nearly four million people on Monday alone.Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters 北京官员说,仅在周一就从近400万人身上收集了用于冠状病毒检测的样本。Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

Mass testing in Beijing 北京的大规模检测

Faced with a growing number of coronavirus infections across Beijing, city officials are trying to test most of the Chinese capital’s 22 million residents in the hope of avoiding the pain of imposing a citywide lockdown like in Shanghai.


Beijing is ordering mass testing across the city more quickly than in Shanghai, where officials started testing on a similar scale only after infections had been recorded for weeks and more than 1,000 cases had emerged. On Tuesday, officials said that 22 new cases had been found in the city.


The idea is to move faster with testing to understand how widely the outbreak has spread before seeking to impose restrictions on movement. Unlike Shanghai, Beijing does not yet appear to have interfered with established private-sector distribution and delivery.

这个想法是通过核酸检测更快地采取行动,以了解疫情的传播范围,然后再寻求对行动施加限制。 与上海不同,北京似乎尚未干预已建立的私营部门配送和配送。

Details: About three-quarters of Beijing’s population will have to undergo three mandatory rounds of testing in five days. Only those who live in outlying, mostly rural districts are exempt.

详细内容: 大约四分之三的北京人口将不得不在五天内接受三轮强制性测试。只有那些居住在偏远地区,主要是农村地区的人可以豁免。

Shanghai: Residents are banding together to support each other through the city’s lockdown, which has lasted about a month. The restrictions — a source of rising public anger — have forced Shanghai’s economy to a halt and prevented people with life-threatening illnesses from getting prompt medical care.


Here are the latest updates and maps of the pandemic.


In other developments 其他方面:

  • U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, who is fully vaccinated and has received two boosters, tested positive for the coronavirus. 美国副总统卡马拉-哈里斯完全接种了疫苗,并接受了两次强化治疗,他的冠状病毒检测结果为阳性。

  • The C.D.C. said that most Americans have had the virus at least once. CDC说大多数美国人至少感染过一次病毒。

  • Scientists do not yet have a definitive answer as to whether vaccines protect against long Covid. 关于疫苗是否能预防长期的新冠病毒,科学家们还没有一个明确的答案。

Russians are targeting towns like Orikhiv, in eastern Ukraine.Lynsey Addario for The New York Times 俄罗斯人正在瞄准乌克兰东部的奥里希夫等城镇。Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

A more muscular NATO? 更强大的北约?

As fighting intensifies in eastern Ukraine, both Russia and Western countries are raising the stakes and the rhetoric.


On Tuesday, Germany announced it would send Ukraine heavy weapons for the first time, a day after the top Pentagon official said the U.S. objective in the war was a “weakened” Russia. The U.S. marshaled more than 40 allies to pledge more military support to Kyiv.

周二,德国宣布它将首次向乌克兰提供重型武器,此前一天,五角大楼的高级官员说美国在这场战争中的目标是 “削弱 “俄罗斯。美国召集了40多个盟国,承诺向基辅提供更多军事支持。

In response, Moscow accused the West of pursuing a proxy war and ignoring the “considerable” risk that it could spiral into a nuclear conflict. Here are live updates.

作为回应,莫斯科指责西方国家追求代理战争,并忽视了可能演变成核冲突的 “巨大 “风险。以下是实时更新。

Details: Germany will send Ukraine dozens of radar-equipped heavy tanks, designed for air defense. The move is a significant policy shift: As recently as last week, Chancellor Olaf Scholz implied that could lead to a bigger war involving NATO.

详细内容:德国将向乌克兰发送数十辆配备雷达的重型坦克,专为防空而设计。 此举是一项重大的政策转变:就在上周,总理奥拉夫·舒尔茨暗示这可能导致一场涉及北约的更大战争。

Energy: Europe’s long tack away from nuclear power makes it harder to end its reliance on Russian oil and gas. A shift back could take years, and U.S. oil companies are not stepping up to bail the bloc out.

能源:欧洲长期远离核能,使其更难结束对俄罗斯石油和天然气的依赖。 转变可能需要数年时间,而且美国石油公司并没有加紧拯救。

Other updates 其他方面:

  • In the south, Russian missiles struck the city of Zaporizhzhia on Tuesday. Russian forces also have seized the City Council building in Kherson, the city’s mayor warned. 在南部,俄罗斯导弹周二袭击了扎波罗热市。 该市市长警告说,俄罗斯军队还占领了赫尔松市的市议会大楼。

  • In the east, the small town of Orikhiv is just one of many Ukrainian communities under constant fire. 在东部,奥里希夫小镇只是不断受到攻击的许多乌克兰社区之一。

“If we’re making movies about aliens, and we can’t find an alien to the play the part, are we discriminating against aliens?” a leader at the company headquarters said. “This is what the plot calls for.”Alex Hofford/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock“如果我们正在制作关于外星人的电影,但我们找不到外星人来扮演这个角色,我们是不是在歧视外星人?” 公司总部的一位领导说。 “这就是情节所要求的。”Alex Hofford/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock

Hong Kong’s brownface debate 香港的褐脸辩论

“Barrack O’Karma 1968,” a supernatural TV series in Hong Kong, recently aired a subplot in which a domestic worker from the Philippines is transformed by her seemingly well-intentioned employers into a Cantonese-speaking surrogate daughter.


Its producers chose a Chinese Canadian actress to play the worker. It also put her in brownface. (Her skin grows lighter and she also gains a new fluency in Hong Kong’s dominant language.)

制片人选择了一位加拿大华裔女演员来扮演工人。 这也让她变成了棕褐色。 (她的皮肤变得更白了,而且她对香港的主要语言也有了新的流利程度。)

Filipinos criticized the show for its all-too-familiar undignified representation. Many others viewed the casting as a twinned mockery of both racism and classism.


But many others said it was a matter of creative autonomy. Chinese-language media jumped to defend the actress, who has since apologized on social media.


Details: Backstage footage emerged of the actress, Franchesca Wong, affecting a singsong accent — presumably meant to be Filipino — as she brushed dark makeup onto her legs.


Society: About 203,000 Filipinos live in Hong Kong, forming the largest non-Chinese ethnic group in the city. About 190,000 are domestic workers.



World News 国际新闻

North Korea state media described this as a newly built intercontinental ballistic missile shown in the miliary parade.Korean Central News Agency, via Associated Press 朝鲜国家媒体称这是在阅兵式上展示的新造洲际弹道导弹。朝鲜中央通讯社,通过美联社报道

  • In a military parade on Monday, Kim Jong-un vowed to expand North Korea’s nuclear arsenal “at the fastest possible speed.” 在周一的阅兵式上,金正恩誓言“以尽可能快的速度”扩大朝鲜的核武库。

  • President Emmanuel Macron of France still faces steep challenges, despite his decisive victory: The far right enjoyed its strongest ever showing at the ballot box on Sunday. 尽管取得了决定性的胜利,法国总统埃马纽埃尔·马克龙仍然面临着严峻的挑战:周日,极右翼在投票箱上的表现最为强劲。

What Else Is Happening 还有什么正在发生

  • Elon Musk now has to contend with the realities of his free-speech talk, our tech columnist writes. The company’s move may have been good for its investors, but it had little if any regard for other stakeholders. 我们的科技专栏作家写道,埃隆·马斯克现在不得不与他的自由言论的现实情况作斗争。该公司的举动可能对其投资者有利,但它几乎没有考虑到其他利益相关者。

  • Harvard will spend $100 million to study and redress its ties to slavery. 哈佛大学将花费1亿美元来研究并纠正其与奴隶制的关系。

  • Clusters of severe hepatitis cases have popped up among children around the globe. Here are signs parents should watch out for. 全球各地的儿童中出现了成群的严重肝炎病例。以下是父母应该注意的迹象。

A Morning Read 晨读

Saehan Parc

You can now buy NFTs on apps for toddlers, often peddled by internet-native cartoon characters. The toddler-specific social media — a marketplace, like any other on the internet — is pitched to parents as “a creative outlet, an educational opportunity, even a civic duty to join in,” the critic Amanda Hess writes.

您现在可以在幼儿应用程序上购买 NFT,这些应用程序通常由互联网原生卡通人物兜售。 评论家阿曼达赫斯写道,针对幼儿的社交媒体——一个市场,就像互联网上的任何其他市场一样——被父母视为“一个创造性的出路、一个教育机会,甚至是一种参与的公民义务”。


The 2022 Venice Biennale on Saturday.Gus Powell for The New York Times 2022年威尼斯双年展周六举行。Gus Powell for The New York Times

The year’s biggest art show 今年最大的艺术展

The crowds are a bit thinner, and there are fewer mega-yachts, but the Venice Biennale remains “art’s most combustible mixture of creative minds, spectacular wealth and a global culture stumbling its way toward the future,” Jason Farago writes in a review.

贾森·法拉戈在一篇评论中写道:”人群稀少了,巨型游艇也少了,但威尼斯双年展仍然是 “艺术中最易燃烧的混合体,包括创造性思维、壮观的财富和跌跌撞撞走向未来的全球文化”。

The Biennale consists of a main exhibition of contemporary art, along with more than 90 pavilions where countries organize their own shows. This year’s main show revolves around surrealism, cyborgism, and animal and plant life, and the majority of participants are women. It’s “a coherent and challenging show, whose optimistic vision of emancipation through imagination feels very rare nowadays,” Jason writes.

双年展包括一个主要的当代艺术展览,以及90多个国家组织自己的展览的展馆。今年的主展围绕超现实主义、机械人主义和动植物生命展开,大多数参与者是女性。这是 “一个连贯的、具有挑战性的展览,其通过想象力解放的乐观愿景在今天感觉非常罕见,”贾森写道。

A few highlights from the national presentations: Stan Douglas of Canada used photography and video art to delve into the intersecting uprisings of 2011 (the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, the London riots). And Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, a Roma artist, created a 12-part tapestry stitched with imagery of Romani migration and everyday life. — Sanam Yar

国家演讲中的一些亮点:加拿大的斯坦·道格拉斯使用摄影和视频艺术深入研究了 2011 年交叉起义(阿拉伯之春、占领华尔街、伦敦骚乱)。罗姆艺术家 Małgorzata Mirga-Tas 创作了一幅由 12 部分组成的挂毯,上面拼接了罗姆人迁移和日常生活的图像。 — 萨南·亚尔

PLAY, WATCH, EAT 玩耍、观看、吃东西

What to Cook 做什么饭

Dane Tashima for The New York Times

Pan-fry breaded flounder in this 30-minute recipe for fish Milanese.


What to Read 读什么书

In “The Palace Papers,” Tina Brown traces how 21st-century journalism has helped reshape the British royal family.


What to Watch 看什么片

A son must save his mother in “Luzifer,” an ambitious German thriller that tackles questions of religious fanaticism and capitalist greed.


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Play today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: Rhyming place to fly (three letters).


Here are today’s Wordle and today’s Spelling Bee.


You can find all our puzzles here.


That’s it for today’s briefing. See you next time. — Amelia


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