May 3, 2022 2022年5月3日

By Amelia Nierenberg 阿米莉亚·尼伦伯格
Writer, Briefings 作家,简报

Good morning. We’re covering the reopening of a mass-isolation center in Beijing, the evacuation of Ukrainian civilians from Mariupol and the forced closure of Rohingya schools in Bangladesh.


Since the beginning of March, Shanghai has reported more than 550,000 cases. The New York Times 自3月初以来,上海报告的病例已超过55万例。纽约时报

A mass isolation center reopens 大规模隔离中心重新开放

Beijing reopened the Xiaotangshan hospital, which has more than 1,000 beds, after recording a few hundred cases in recent weeks. On Monday, officials announced 50 new cases in the city of 22 million, down from the 59 reported on Sunday.


The move appears to be aimed at avoiding the fate of Shanghai, where weeks of confinement have fueled anger and anxiety about the cost of China’s “zero-Covid” strategy. Residents who have spent time in mass isolation or quarantine centers there described piles of garbage, nonstop floodlights and a serious lack of shower facilities.

此举似乎是为了避免上海的命运,在那里,数周的禁闭激发了人们对中国 “零感染 “战略代价的愤怒和焦虑。在那里的大规模隔离或检疫中心呆过的居民描述了成堆的垃圾、不间断的泛光灯和严重缺乏淋浴设施的情况。

Response: Officials in Beijing, who are under immense pressure to quickly stamp out outbreaks, have placed a temporary ban on dining in restaurants, closed schools indefinitely and ordered residents to show proof of a negative test within the past week to enter public spaces, including public transportation.


Here are the latest updates and maps of the pandemic.


In other developments 其他方面:

  • New York City entered a higher risk level as case numbers rise. 随着病例数量的增加,纽约市进入了更高的风险等级。

  • Cases are surging again in South Africa, a spike linked to two Omicron subvariants. 南非的病例再次激增,这一激增与两个奥米克戎亚变体有关。

A family from the Russian-occupied city of Kherson arrived in Zaporizhzhia on Monday.Lynsey Addario for The New York Times 周一,来自俄罗斯占领的赫尔松市的一家人抵达扎波罗热。Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

Evacuees arrive from Mariupol 撤离人员从马里乌波尔抵达

The first large-scale evacuation of civilians from Mariupol, Ukraine, continued as buses of shellshocked residents arrived in Zaporizhzhia, a city 140 miles to the northwest.

乌克兰马里乌波尔的第一次大规模平民撤离仍在继续,遭受炮击的居民乘坐公共汽车抵达西北 140 英里处的扎波罗热市。

Ukrainian officials vowed to sustain the effort despite early-morning shelling in Mariupol. One evacuee said the city’s residents “are starting to talk of suicide because they’re stuck in this situation.”

尽管清晨在马里乌波尔遭到炮击,乌克兰官员仍发誓要继续努力。 一名撤离者说,这座城市的居民“开始谈论自尽,因为他们陷入了这种境地。”

On Monday, Western leaders were also working to put their promises of aid to Ukraine into action. In Brussels, E.U. ministers were discussing an urgent transition away from Russian energy sources. In Washington, senators prepared to take up President Biden’s $33 billion aid package. Here’s the latest.


Loss: Russian forces killed Iryna Abramova’s husband on the street in Bucha. “The Russians were sitting on the curb, drinking water from plastic bottles, just watching me,” she said. “They didn’t say anything, they didn’t show any emotion. They were like an audience at the theater.”


Escape: Ukrainians are being forced into “filtration” centers in Russian-controlled territory, part of a system of forced expulsions. Two sisters recounted the journey and their escape.

流亡:乌克兰人被迫进入俄罗斯控制区的 “过滤 “中心,这是强制驱逐系统的一部分。两位姐妹讲述了她们的旅程和逃亡过程。

Food supply: Ukraine has limited its exports of sunflower oil, leading to shortages. Dozens of other countries have also erected trade barriers to secure commodities for their citizens, which experts say could worsen a global food crisis.


Other developments 其他方面:

  • A British intelligence agency said that a quarter of Russia’s invasion units are now “combat ineffective,” Western analysts described increasing disarray among the forces and a Pentagon official said Russia’s strategy in the east was “anemic” and “plodding.” 一个英国情报机构说,俄罗斯四分之一的入侵部队现在 “没有战斗力”,西方分析家描述了部队的日益混乱,五角大楼的一名官员说俄罗斯在东部的战略是 “贫血 “和 “蹒跚”。

  • Long lines are forming at Ukraine’s gas stations, a possible sign of a coming fuel crisis. 乌克兰加油站排起了长队,这可能是燃料危机即将到来的迹象。

  • Israel’s prime minister condemned comments by the Russian foreign minister as antisemitic. 以色列总理谴责俄罗斯外长的评论是反犹太主义。

  • A Russian oligarch criticized Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. Retribution was swift. 一位俄罗斯寡头批评了弗拉基米尔·普京在乌克兰的战争。 报应迅速来到。

Empty benches at Kayaphuri High School, which once served about 600 children.Fabeha Monir for The New York Times Kayaphuri 高中的空长椅,曾经为大约 600 名儿童提供服务。 Fabeha Monir for The New York Times

Bangladesh shuts Rohingya schools 孟加拉国关闭罗兴亚学校

More than 30 community-run schools, which served tens of thousands of Rohingya children, have been forced to close in recent months.


In December, Bangladeshi authorities began a crackdown on these schools. They said the schools were illegal, but did not try to provide any alternatives — and did not remove the prohibition on the Rohingya attending local schools outside the country’s refugee camps.


The closings have come amid efforts by the government to tighten control of the camps. Last month, authorities destroyed thousands of shops there, according to Human Rights Watch. Many believe that Bangladeshi authorities feared the schools would encourage refugees to stay permanently.


Many parents say that, on the contrary, they want to return to Myanmar and believe Rohingya-run schools will prepare their children for the transition. “I fear that he will forget what he learned,” the mother of a sixth grader said. “If he doesn’t go to school, he will never be able to change his fate.”


Background: More than 700,000 Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar since 2017 to escape the state-led persecution that the United Nations has called ethnic cleansing.


Details: About half the population of the densely crowded refugee camps are younger than 18; UNICEF says about 400,000 school-age children live there.



World News 国际新闻

Spain’s prime minister, left, and its defense minister used compromised phones.Pool photo by Javier Lizon 西班牙总理(左)和国防部长使用了被泄露的电话。Pool photo by Javier Lizon

  • Spain said that Israeli-made Pegasus spyware breached cellphones used by its prime minister and defense minister. 西班牙表示,以色列制造的Pegasus间谍软件侵入了其总理和国防部长使用的手机。

  • E.U. regulators said that Apple had violated antitrust laws by undercutting PayPal and other Apple Pay competitors. 欧盟监管机构表示,苹果公司通过压低PayPal和其他Apple Pay竞争对手的价格,违反了反垄断法。

  • Rights groups have widely criticized the U.K.’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. 人权团体广泛批评了英国将寻求庇护者送往卢旺达的计划。

  • Troubled by worker abuse and human rights issues, some World Cup sponsors are distancing themselves from the host nation of Qatar. 受到虐待工人和人权问题的困扰,一些世界杯赞助商正在与东道国卡塔尔保持距离。

U.S. News 美国新闻

  • Left-leaning and young voters have soured on President Biden. As the midterms loom, Democratic leaders are divided on how to respond. 左翼和年轻选民对拜登总统产生了反感。随着中期选举的临近,民主党领导人在如何应对上存在分歧。

  • A 45-year-old Chinese immigrant, who worked as a delivery man, was fatally shot on Sunday in New York City. The police are investigating the possibility that he had been targeted because of his Asian ethnicity. 一名45岁的中国移民在纽约市担任送货员,周日被枪杀。警方正在调查他是否因其亚裔身份而成为目标。

What Else Is Happening 还有什么正在发生

  • The modern pentathlon is swapping its equestrian portion for an obstacle course, after claims of animal abuse. 现代五项运动正在将其马术部分换成障碍赛,因为有虐待动物的说法。

  • Elon Musk’s plan to buy Twitter breaks the usual financial rules for such deals. 埃隆·马斯克收购Twitter的计划打破了此类交易的通常财务规则。

  • A new study suggests that Anglo-Saxon kings ate a mostly plant-based diet, gorging on mutton and beef only at sporadic feasts. 一项新的研究表明,盎格鲁-撒克逊国王的饮食主要以植物为主,仅在零星的宴会上大吃羊肉和牛肉。

  • Ireland is giving people room on census forms to leave messages or drawings, which will be kept as “time capsules” to be opened in 100 years. 爱尔兰在人口普查表上给人们留出空间,让他们留下信息或图画,这些信息将作为 “时间胶囊 “保存,100年后再打开。

A Morning Read 晨读

The New York Times

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson built what might be the most racist show in the history of cable news while embracing Trumpism without Trump, a Times investigation found. Here are six takeaways and an analysis of 1,150 episodes of his show.

时报的一项调查发现,福克斯新闻主持人塔克·卡尔森在没有特朗普的情况下接受了特朗普主义,制作了可能是有线电视新闻史上最具种族主义色彩的节目。 这里有六个要点和对他节目 1,150 集的分析。


Amir Hamja for The New York Times

They’re all good dogs 他们都是狗狗

Researchers conducted owner surveys for 18,385 dogs and sequenced the genomes of 2,155 dogs. They found that breed is essentially useless for predicting a dog’s behavior.


One of the clearest findings is that breed has no discernible effect on a dog’s reactions to something new or strange. This behavior is what a nonscientist may see as innate aggression and would seem to cast doubt on breed stereotypes of aggressive dogs.

最明确的发现之一是品种对狗对新事物或陌生事物的反应没有明显影响。 这种行为可能被非科学家视为天生的攻击性,并且似乎对攻击性狗的品种刻板印象产生怀疑。

So, Labrador retrievers are not necessarily lovers; pit bulls aren’t predisposed to fight, though they did score high on human sociability.


This is not to say that there are no differences among breeds or that breed can’t predict some things; on average, breed accounts for about 9 percent of the variations in the behavior of any given pup. But the genes that shape dog behavior predate modern breeding, which mostly focuses on appearance. Looks appear to matter less than we think.

这并不是说品种之间没有差异,或者品种无法预测某些事情; 平均而言,品种占任何给定幼犬行为变化的 9% 左右。 但塑造狗行为的基因早于现代育种,现代育种主要关注外观。 外表似乎没有我们想象的那么重要。

PLAY, WATCH, EAT 玩耍、观看、吃东西

What to Cook 做什么饭

Dane Tashima for The New York Times

You should really broil your salmon. While you’re at it, add a zingy herb salad and some chewy asparagus.


What to Read 读什么书

Watch out for these 14 new books coming in May, including a new English translation of Mieko Kawakami’s “All the Lovers in the Night,” a biography of Anna Wintour and Elif Batuman’s sequel to “The Idiot.”

请留意这 14 本书将于 5 月出版,其中包括川上未映子的《夜里的恋人》的新英文译本、安娜·温图尔和艾莉夫·巴图曼的《白痴》续集的传记。

What to Watch 听什么歌

The Met Gala’s red carpet will open today at 5:30 p.m. eastern, as some of the world’s most powerful creatives dress to this year’s theme: gilded glamour. Here’s a guide to the event.

Met Gala的红地毯将于今天东部时间下午5:30开幕,一些世界上最有影响力的创意人将根据今年的主题:镀金的魅力,进行打扮。以下是该活动的指南。

Now Time to Play 小游戏走你

Play today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: Thumbs-down votes (four letters).


Here are today’s Wordle and today’s Spelling Bee.


You can find all our puzzles here.


That’s it for today’s briefing. See you next time. — Amelia


P.S. Astead Herndon, a political reporter and regular guest-host of “The Daily,” will lead a new politics show.

附:政治记者兼《The Daily》的定期客座主持人阿斯特德赫恩登将领导一场新的政治节目。

The latest episode of “The Daily” is on the revival of union membership in the U.S.

《The Daily》的最新一期是关于美国工会成员的复兴。

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